John Florez

Faces of Latino Success

  • Company Name: Drupal Connect
  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Industry: Web Development
  • Location: Newport, RI

Company Overview:
Drupal Connect is a Drupal consulting company providing development, support and design – powered by experts.


When you look at my story its a very typical story that Latinos can relate to. And one of my first memories is coming here and meeting my mother for the first time that I had a recollection because she came here before I even turned five.

And I came to live here when she finally had enough money. I always had this desire to go out west to California. They broke up and I just wanted something and I went to go work for a company, as a recruiter, what I always wanted to do. And it just seemed like a natural fit, that’s what really excited me because I felt I was really able listen to a people’s needs and understand what they really wanted out of a person and fine that appropriate match.

I absolutely loved it, it was the first time in my life that I said to myself and I believed in the fact that I have a skill that can earn me a living. That feeling is enormous and after six months I thought to myself,”What if I start my own business?” One of those “zen” moments that entrepreneurs, business owners have when they go out on their own, when they are compelled and thrusted into being on their own. And that is, “I can do my job better than my boss can, I can do this on my own.” Here we are today, everyday, every week there’s always a process. An ever evolving, growing process and its enate, it’s not necessarily thought about but its intrinsic and it just happens.

And that is how do we better ourselves, what strategies are we not doing now that we could be doing that could improve our process, our growth. That has resonated throughout the organization and now its just part of who we are, part of the ongoing mechanism and it works. This isn’t wishful thinking, it is what I believe to be fact by next year we will be the biggest Drupal development company in the world and that is exciting, that is really exciting.

The Challenge

Our biggest challenge has been balancing our growth while maintaining good quality control. In our first few years each time we reached a new level of growth we experienced challenges that were unforeseeable. We took on this challenge by solidifying a system that was scalable regardless of the amount of growth that occurred. This process took several years to overcome but we managed to perfect it with the help of some very talented team members.

Uncovering Best Practices

Strategic hiring is a vital part of an organizations growth. Hiring talented individuals is only part of the equation. We also hire people that have passions outside of work and people that are good individuals. Most if the people who I am privileged to work with are also good friends who I trust and who I know will always have the best interest of our company.

Company Achievements

Thus far I have achieved half of my personal goal. Our company has provided a stimulating and supportive environment for dozens of people. In the coming years our organizations progress will also translate into financial success for many of our core people and this will no doubt be one of my strongest personal achievements.

What opportunity did you perceive in the marketplace that motivated you to start your business?

There was a strong demand for the services we provided and not enough supply to meet that demand.

What realities did you face in the marketplace?

Initially my lack of technical experience was an obstacle. However, over time I was able to compensate for this with the help of some very strong technical talent that we brought on board.

What are you sources of inspiration on a daily, frequent basis?

My passion for succeeding.

What is your  advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Work hard, work very hard. Be positive and optimistic not just in your business but in your personal life as well. If you are successful you will enjoy your life more if you have gratitude and a positive outlook.

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